About Us

At the Centre of Movement our purpose is to open up a child’s world through movement.

Movement is the language of  brain development, providing it with the information and conditions to thrive. We wanted our community here on the Gold Coast, Australia, to have access to the modalities and equipment that are the gold standard in accelerated learning.

Our mission is to provide the conditions necessary for each child to have the best start in life and realise their full potential and beyond.

About 1
Centre of Movement was founded on the belief that through movementwe have the capacity to reconnect our nervous system to it’s innate wisdom.Re-wiring and creating new neural pathways through neuroplasticity to find ease, co-ordination and pleasure in life.
As a connected community of human beings our lives and futures will be determined by how we love and empower each other.


Centre of Movement is a specialised rehabilitation clinic that
combines the gold standard treatment modalities and equipment for children with neurological and chromosominal conditions.

Modalities include Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Exercise Physiology, the Feldenkrais Method and Craniosacral Therapy

Equipment used includes the Trexo Robotic Walker, Therasuit Method, Ceiling Hoist Gait Trainingand Tomatis Listening Systems. Consultations can be registered with NDIS, Medicare, DVA and Work Cover and can be eligible for rebates from private health insurance.

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