Emily Pennisi

Emily Pennisi

Occupational Therapist, and Director and CEO of Centre of Movement

It was on our summer vacations that I would be able to attend my uncle’s Feldenkrais classes on the Sunshine Coast. I remember lying on the floor feeling myself move with awareness and I thought I had found God, I was in bliss. I told my high school guidance officer that I wanted to be a Feldenkrais Practitioner, I wanted to help others find this state. She laughed and said I should choose Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy to better further my career. I graduated from James Cook University in 2005 with a degree in Occupational Therapy and dived straight into my 4 year Feldenkrais training which I finished in 2011. From that point I felt I had the skills necessary to assist people on their journey to optimal health.

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Director Emily Pennisi​

My career changing moment was working in the Stroke Ward at Whangarei Hospital in New Zealand. It was the first time I really saw neuroplasticity in motion. I had patients under my care in a rehabiliation unit for a duration of 4 -12 weeks depending on the severity of their infarct, therapy everyday for weeks. The results were mind blowing!!!!! Following the clear realisation that I needed to start a similar program here in Australia, I panicked, and went for a 3 month hiatus trekking in Nepal. It was on the mountains that I gained confidence in myself and in my own mental abilities.

I started my private practice, Feldenkrais Nature, and many years later in 2019 joined forces with my husband Stephen to create the Centre of Movement. Centre of Movement is founded on the belief that through movement we have the capacity to reconnect our nervous system to it’s innate wisdom and healing is the result. Stephen is the ‘action’ component and I am the ‘mind’ and this business and it  is only possible through our combined forces that any of this is possible.  

Since opening I have birthed two beautiful boys and we have made our home in the beautiful Tallebudgera Valley. Currently I am mum 80%, therapist 10%, and behind the scenes director 10%. We have a lovely community here on the Gold Coast and I am blessed to have such a great team that are always giving 110% of their care and passion to each person that walks through our doors.

“There is no way to happiness—happiness is the way.”
—Thich Nhat Hanh

Emily with Mason at Centre of Movement
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