Stephen Pennisi

Stephen Pennisi

Physiologist, and CEO of Centre of Movement

My childhood was spent swimming and rock hopping in the clear streams of Silkwood, Far North Queensland. Our days of being outdoors in nature with my siblings gave me such a sense of freedom and expansion. Movement was life. It became my passion and I was able to travel the world and play basketball before deciding to turn this enthusiasm into my career. I studied Exercise Physiology and upon graduation was working in the field of Chronic Disease and Pain Management.

Man standing wearing a blue white and red poloshirt
Stephen Pennisi​, CEO of Centre of Movement

I enjoyed the role but when my caseload started to overflow with clients that had neurological complaints I really found my calling. I was getting results and wanted to expand my practice. My wife Emily was pregnant with our first son in 2019 and we decided to create a practice that we could collaborate and run together.

I travelled to America in 2019 and trained with Isabella Koscielny and was able to connect with clinics that were providing intensive therapy. I saw the results that the kids were making with intensive therapy and knew it was the model of therapy that was needed here in Australia.
Over the years we have expanded Centre of Movement to offer equipment and modalities that really enhance our clinical skill set and it feels wonderful to be able to provide such a holistic and comprehensive service to our clients.

Working with children is incredible, they are so resilient and clever. Each day at the centre I am in awe at the progress and work ethic of these kids and they deserve the opportunity experience the freedom of movement.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” —Walt Disney

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