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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions. For more inquiries, please call our clinic and one of our friendly staff will be able to help you.

There are 7 car spaces located at the front of the building as well as street parking. It can get busy so another option is parking in Protea Court, Robina, which is the street directly behind the building and walking around the cafe or side access to come into our clinic. We are on the ground floor and next to the cafe.

Yes there is an allocated Disability Parking space and ramp.
There is an accessible toilet and shower on the ground floor also.

Better to be safe than sorry with sickness. Please contact the office and give 24 hours notice if your child is starting to become unwell.
It would be a better scenerio for a child to miss one lesson than have the therapist become unwell and 40 children that week are unable to be seen. Thank you for your consideration and understanding.

Yes, carers, grandparents, support worker are able to bring your child and feel included in their therapy program. Often times it can be advantageous for them to bring your child at least once to see what we are working on in the session and how they can implement these strategies and techniques into their time with your child. Remember it takes a village.

Yes, you as a parent will need to be present and attend to their needs so as not to distract the ongoing therapy session.
If it appears that your child is not able to participate well in therapy when a sibling is present (ie. gets embarrassed, feels self conscious, becomes easily distracted or overwhelmed) we can discuss options to best manage the outcomes for all involved.

  • The Therasuit Progam is generally 3-hours a day, 4 days a week (Monday through Friday) for 3 weeks.
  • This program can be modified to suit your child and their endurance, medical conditions etc, please call our clinic and one of our therapists will be able to discuss these options with you.
  • Each session consists of approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes each of Occupational Therapy and Exercise Physiology.
  • Therasuit Progam sessions include the use hydrotherapy as standard. Other services that can be added on include Naturopathic services to ensure that your child has the underlying conditions necessary for development as well as the nutritional support to support them through their intensive therapy.
  • Therasuit Progam consists of four components: the Universal Exercise Unit, the Therasuit, the “Spider”/Exercise Cage and ceiling hoist gait training
  • Therasuit Progam is an INTENSIVE therapy program.  This program WILL CHALLENGE your child, helping them to make maximal gains in strength and function in a short amount of time. 
  • WORK!!  This is the key component of the Therasuit Program.  Your child will be monitored closely and given necessary breaks for rest and a healthy/nutritional snack and drink as provided by parent(s).
  • When not participating directly in therapy, you are welcome to leave the session and visit locations within close proximity of our centre.  In order for us to have immediate contact with you at all times, you must have a mobile phone on your person.  For the first two weeks you are not expected to attend the whole session each day with your child.
  • The last week of Therasuit Program, the caregiver is required to be available to attend each of the final sessions to receive instruction on a tailored home program for your child.
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