For Families

It takes a village to raise a child​

We want to ensure that your child and all members of your family feel supported and part of The Centre of Movement community. We all live on the Gold Coast and have been working as part of the health community for over 10 years. The Gold Coast can be a transient town but with world renowned beaches, lush mountain surrounds and a vibrant grass root community who wouldn’t want to stay.
We can connect you with like minded families and vibrant and active support groups here on the Gold Coast.Welcome to our village.

Your NDIS questions answered​

The NDIS has just been rolled out in Queensland and there can be many questions about how to access services; how funds can be managed and how plans can be changed with supporting documentation - click below to find the answers.

NDIS & Insurance​


Have other questions?​

All centers and services are set up differently and it can be quite daunting if this is the first time you are accessing services. Here are some frequently asked questions that may help your preparation for therapy and ease your mind.