Exercise Physiology

Would you like to see your child be able to participate more in the community; have an improved sense of well-being and a reduction in anxiety; increased lung and heart efficiency; increased strength, flexibility, mobility, and coordination; improved bone health; weight control; and a reduction of chronic diseases and secondary conditions-

At Centre of Movement, Exercise Physiology plays an important role in neurological rehabilitation with a multitude of health and social benefits associated with exercise and movement in this population.

This is the gift of movement


Exercise Physiology at Centre of Movement offers tailored programming with intensive therapies, one-on-one, hydrotherapy and home programs utilising state of the art neurological rehabilitation equipment.

exercise physiology


Without strength we are unable to live. 

Each movement of our body depends on muscle strength.

Without strength we are unable to eat, talk, walk, move and breathe. Strength of the muscle is essential to perform daily activities and learn new functions.

We can survive without endurance, speed, and flexibility, but we cannot without strength. Very often we forget about its importance.


Muscle strength is even more crucial for children… think of the constant activity and thousands of movement repetitions a child makes before crawling or standing is achieved.

Often children with neurological difficulties don’t have the opportunity to make this ‘magic number’ of repetitions without assistance.

With Exercise Physiology this can be accelerated dramatically to help your child achieve these life changing milestones or sitting, standing and walking independently.

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