Intensive TheraSuit Therapy

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The Centre of Movement offers TheraSuit Method Intensive Programs which provide individualised therapy programs to accelerate functional progress.

Many children make more gains in three weeks of intensive therapy than they do in 12 months of traditional therapy. This has been evidence throughout the country and there have been policy changes to the NDIS that allow children access to 250 hours of intensive therapy funding a year.

Goals of the Therasuit Progam

TheraSuit Method aims to eliminate pathological reflexes and establish new and correct functional patterns of movements. This is achieved by increasing the body’s feedback to the brain while engaging in function movement when wearing the suit. The TheraSuit aligns the body as close to neurotypical as possible. Re-establishing the correct postural alignment which plays a crucial role in normalizing muscle tone, sensory and vestibular function.

The Universal Exercise Unit, used as part of the TheraSuit Method, trains the child’s ability to isolate desired movements and strengthen the muscle groups responsible for those movements. Universal Exercise Unit allows clients to gain increased range of motion, muscle and joint flexibility, as well as functional skills.



Who is a Candidate?


Children 2 years and older

Children with neurological conditions including Cerebral Palsy, developmental delay, traumatic brain injury, stroke, muscle tone disorders, spinal cord injury, Spina Bifida, etc.

Children with sensory processing disorders

Children with genetic disorders affecting their movement

Children in need of post-op rehabilitation such as post tendon releases, botox, rhizotomy, etc.

Now is the time

The Centre of Movement provides the only TheraSuit Method Intensive Program in all of Queensland.

TheraSuit Method trained therapists use this approach to develop an individualised treatment plan for each child which includes a three-hour session, four days a week, for three weeks.

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