Neural Organisational Technique

Neuro Organisational Technique (NOT) is a therapy that addresses the conditions necessary for proper development of the nervous system.

In order to develop, your brain needs the cranial bones to move with your breath (cerebral spinal fluid and oxygen) to be nourished and grow.

Every condition known to man involves
nervous system disorganization at a base causative level.

In the majority of people with Global Developmental Delay (GDD) or learning disability/delay these mechanisms have shut down, they are in ‘fight or flight’  – survival mode. They are unable to move into their limbic brain and it becomes impossible to relate to their environment. The cortex, as you can see in the diagram, is the next step again to evolve and learn. You cannot skip straight to learning, there is an order and a sequence that need to be connected first. It takes around 6 weeks of therapy for you to have significant gains in the following areas:

Attention and concentration
Organizational difficulties
Poor visual and auditory coding and memory
Presentation of work


Neural Organizational Technique

A place to breathe.

‘I know my child is smart
if only they would sit and listen.’

There is a hierarchy in your brain that develops in a step-by-step sequence from your base reptilian brain (movement and survival orientated) to your limbic brain (emotional regulation and interaction with the world) to your cortex and frontal lobes (learning). You need your brain to be able to access the frontal lobes to learn at school – all this wiggling in their chair, poor posture, fighting and constant chatter is a clear indication that your child’s brain is struggling.

 Characteristics of under developed brain functioning:
  • Lack of fine motor coordination
  • Constant, erratic, non-graceful, adrenalin – initiated movement
  • Constant external chatter
  • Disruptive behaviour
  • Learning difficulties
  • Due to their brain not being developed to have the conditions necessary for emotional wiring they also exhibit a lack of deep feelings such as empathy, compassion and love for other and their needs and feelings

Heirarchy of Needs

The first ABC a child learns is the ABC of the body—

the foundation on which cognitive learning is built and the mode through which it is expressed:

A = Attention
B = Balance
C = Coordinations

= Developmental readiness for educational achievement.

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