The Tomatis Method

The Tomatis Method at Centre of Movement

The solution to tap into your or your child’s unique
difficulties and daily challenges by improving auditory processing; therefore,
giving you and them the chance to learn and communicate much better and regulate emotions and behaviour.

Based on neuroplasticity, the Tomatis Method®
benefits people of all ages through a gentle,
holistic and individualised listening re-education.

The Tomatis® Method is a pedagogical method used to improve the listening of a person
whose hearing functions correctly.

It works thanks to a device that causes musical contrasts by suddenly and unpredictably changing the timbre and intensity of the music.

This effect will surprise the brain and trigger its attentional mechanisms. We say that the brain puts itself
in the listening position.

The Tomatis® Method re-patterns the
connection between the ear, the brain, the body, and even the heart at the emotional level.

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