The Tomatis Method®

The solution to tap into your or your child’s unique difficulties and daily challenges by improving auditory processing; therefore, giving you and them the chance to learn and communicate much better and regulate emotions and behaviour.

Based on neuroplasticity, the Tomatis Method® benefits people of all ages through a gentle, holistic and individualised listening re-education.

Did you know the ear is the most connected part of the body and the brain?

The Tomatis Method® re-patterns the connection between the ear, the brain, the body, and even the heart at the emotional level. In this way, people of all ages continue to improve their lives, especially their auditory and sensory processing, emotional balance and their overall quality of life.


Established on neuroplasticity by stimulating the brain

Some people cannot “process” information even when they are hearing it; hence, they have difficulties in listening. So, the Tomatis Method® helps in rewiring these processing connections in the brain via the ear for better learning, communication, and emotional balance.

The way it does it is by creating unpredictable musical contrasts which surprise the brain and trigger the attentional mechanisms.

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