Trexo Robotics

Trexo Robotics

Australia’s first robotic walker has arrived on the shores of the Gold Coast, Queensland.

The Trexo Plus is the first wearable robotic platform designed to help children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities experience walking.

The Trexo Plus consists of wearable robotic legs that attach to a Rifton walker. The device is safe and mobile, allowing a child to experience over-ground walking independently. The unique ankle design provides the capability for the user to engage their muscles and begin mobilising themselves forward with a heel to toe gait walking pattern.

Early research indicates that, in conjunction with therapy, utilisation of robotic gait training induces improvements in functional activities and gait pattern.

Walking is a game changer for these kids and their families. Centre of movement is excited to deliver the future of pediatric therapy today by combining intensive therapy with cutting edge wearable robotics.

The Trexo works by gently moving your child’s legs in a preset custom gait pattern. Depending on your child’s needs, we can adjust the amount of weight bearing, the gait pattern, speed of the device, and level of assistance needed to get your child walking. We can also use the active assist feature on the Trexo if your child has the ability to initiate steps.

Centre of Movement is using innovative assistive technology that supports children with physical disabilities as they take their first steps. Children with mobility challenges will now be able to visit Centre of Movement, Gold Coast for therapy with the Trexo Plus robotic assistive device, designed to get children upright and walking. Regardless of your child’s abilities they can walk with the Trexo.

One device. Endless possibilities.

Trexo can be used by children with a wide range of conditions.

Trexo’s adjustability makes it a versatile tool to help children with different levels of disability experience independent walking.

Children with the following conditions may be able to use the Trexo:

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Traumatic Brain
  • Injury
  • Chromosomal
  • Disorders
  • Hemi & Paraplegia
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Neuromuscular
  • Conditions
  • Stroke
  • Rett Syndrome
  • Other conditions which impair lower body mobility

Trexo Plus: A range of features to create the perfect walking experience

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Custom gait for each user that can be changed over time to help your child initiate their own steps.

With the Trexo Plus, setting the gait pattern is easy. Your child’s legs are passively ranged through their walking cycle and expanded when able. Therapist can easily adjust:

  • Gait pattern
  • Speed of steps (cadence)
  • Amount of weight bearing
  • Level of support provided – active or passive
  • Two modes: endurance and strength

Trexo’s adjustability allows the therapist to adjust and modify the gait while the child is walking, so that they can always engage the child at the ‘just right’ range.

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Data to guide your child’s sessions and keep the therapist on track.

Trexo is tablet operated. This gives the therapist easy access to control the speed of the gait and monitor each child’s session with individual profiles. They can easily monitor:

  • Number of steps taken
  • Initiation (whether your child is actively participating)
  • Time spent walking
  • Speed of walking

The tablet stores the session data for each user so the therapist can see the progress over time and use it to guide their decision making in the future.

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Battery powered to use whenever, wherever.

Trexo converts a Rifton Dynamic Pacer into a robotic gait training device that allows your child to use it both in and outdoors.
Hospitals who use the Trexo have incorporated it with:

  • exploring hallways
  • walking side by side with family
  • hide and seek
  • retrieving games

Since the Trexo is mobile your child can participate in different activities at each visit. Variety is always more fun!

We understand your child has unique needs for equipment. We can set up a Trexo just for them. Find out how the Trexo can help your child and let them discover their first steps today.

Success Stories

Read more from overseas success stories here.

Savvy’s progress with the Trexo

Four year old Savvy gained more independence, strength, and is now able to weight bear fully while using the Trexo.

Iris’ progress with the Trexo

Iris learned gait patterning, built leg & core strength, and improved her hip flexion with 5 months of Trexo.

Luz’s progress with the Trexo

Luz worked on her head and core control, progressed to oral feeding, and developed more self awareness and confidence with regular Trexo use.

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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much"

– Helen Keller

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