What is the Tomatis Method?

Does your child need instructions repeated?
Are they irritated by some sounds or noises?
Does your child find it difficult to concentrate?
Is reading and writing difficult for your child to learn?

Your child may have auditory processing issues which can have an impact on learning, emotions and behaviour. Listen in to the info below…

Tomatis Listening Systems

Your child may hear well but listen poorly

Hearing is an involuntary ability of the ear whilst listening is an active, voluntary skill of the brain to understand the meaning of sounds through the ear. However, barriers ranging from background noise to deep-seated learning and auditory processing difficulties associated with emotional overload can become challenges for you or your child. Build your child’s essential abilities using the Tomatis® Method! Like an ear fitness program, it exercises neural pathways enabling action, perception, and thinking!

Established on neuroplasticity by stimulating the brain

Some people cannot “process” information even when they are hearing it; hence, they have difficulties in listening. So, the Tomatis® Method helps in rewiring these processing connections in the brain via the ear for better learning, communication, and emotional balance. This is achieved by creating unpredictable musical contrasts which surprise the brain and trigger the attentional mechanisms.

Tomatis Listening Systems
Tomatis Listening Systems

How the Tomatis® Method Can Help

The Tomatis® Method exercises the ear muscles by playing Mozart, Gregorian Chant, and Waltzes with “filters”. These combinations will cause the muscles to tense and relax. These repetitive, stimulation exercises enhances the neural pathways between the ear (vestibule and cochlea), the brain and its connections to the body. In line with the principle of neuroplasticity, the back-and-forth process which eventually changes specific connections in the brain, allow more appropriate responses at the level of the body, which then also improves the person in so many ways: such as balance, coordination, sensory integration, behaviour, emotion, and communication.

Ready to get started?

Is your child exhibiting signs of developmental delays? The Tomatis® Method is definitely the best gift for you or your child! Contact Emma to get started today!

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much"

– Helen Keller

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