Therasuit Intensive therapy is the new standard therapy for neurological disorders. An intensive individualised program that accelerates functional movement progress.

Occupational Therapy looks at how a person, their environment or their daily activities can be modified to help the nervous system function more effectively.


An Exercise Physiologist is an Allied Health Professional specialising in exercise prescription and rehabilitation for the development of skilled motor performance.

Hydrotherapy or ‘water therapy’ provides an excellent and therapeutic environment for exercise and rehabilitation which offers numerous advantages over land based exercise due to less gravity.

The Feldenkrais Method is a holistic approach to human functioning and action, based on the understanding that movement is the language of brain development.

The Tomatis Method® is a non-invasive sound therapy which primes the brain’s “hearing and listening” capabilities through a process of re-wiring.

Gait training or treadmill motor training hopes to initiate motor skill learning with progressively guided stepping patterns when the integrity of musculosketetal and nervous systems is compromised by disease or trauma.

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle therapy that works with the cerebrospinal fluid located at the core of the body. Bringing the flow of the fluid into stillness, the body has the opportunity to realign and heal itself.

The Universal Exercise Unit can be used in two ways; pulley systems for isolating and strengthening specific muscles and belt/bungee cords to provide dynamic assistance. The goal of the unit is independent movement.

The TheraSuit Method increases the feedback the body sends to the brain. It aims to align the body to reestablish correct postural alignment and plays a crucial role in normalising muscle tone, sensory and vestibular function.

Music is one of life’s earliest natural teachers. Playing a musical instrument or singing involves the training of motor skills as well as sound, rhythm, and pattern recognition.

We understand that navigating the NDIS and managing funds can be daunting which is why we are here to help. The NDIS has just rolled out in the state of Queensland.

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