Paediatric Physiotherapy Gold Coast

Physiotherapy at Centre of Movement utilises a holistic approach aimed at developing a child’s movement ability through imaginative play, functional movement training and facilitation of developmental milestones

Our passion is to watch children attain increasing levels of function and are committed to helping children reach their full potential. Early intervention and increased physical function in childhood has been linked to increased quality of life and greater independence throughout the lifespan.


Childhood is a unique season where we get to lay down the building blocks of a fulfilling life and explore the world through fun and play.

children physiotherapy

Paediatric physiotherapists are movement experts for your little one.

Movement offers opportunity for your baby to explore their own body and then the new world around them. Paediatric physiotherapists have expertise in developmental motor milestones and common musculoskeletal conditions of newborns and infants.

At Centre of Movement, we use play, interaction, and engagement to explore your little one’s ability and patterns of movement and implement developmental programs that empower parents and care givers to enable age-appropriate development.

Common developmental concerns include:

  • Reduced tolerance for tummy time
  • Delayed rolling, sitting, crawling, or walking
  • Adoption of different movement patterns such as bottom shuffling, ‘W’ sitting or toe walking
  • Clumsiness, frequent falls
  • Children having difficulty with jumping, hopping, throwing, and catching

Common musculoskeletal conditions include:

  • A head preference (head turned to more to the right or the left)
  • Head shape changes (plagiocephaly, brachycephaly and scaphocephaly)
  • Tight neck muscle (Torticollis)
  • Positional foot concerns (Positional Talipes and Metatarsus adductus)
  • Low muscle tone
  • Hypermobility

Physiotherapy can assess a child’s current functional capacity, identify what limitations may be addressed and provide individualised treatment (manual therapy, motor control training, postural training, therapeutic exercise prescription, equipment prescription and education) to bridge this gap.

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